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Technical Sales Manager, Germany, Norma Zieger
Tel: +49 1605505428

Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Equipment design and process performance for this market have to be at the highest level for this understandably, extremely regulated market. At Glazik we work painstakingly through ever detail to ensure that all equipment meets or surpasses the production design and performance requirement as set down in end user specifications. 


On site Agitator and Pump requirements are scoped out to ensure the equipment is best fit for the application.  Full certifaction packs will be included in all documentation which includes for example 3.1B material, FDA, USDA certificates for materials, seals, gaskets etc.   All equipment will also comply to the ATEX zoning as set down in the specification.  With a wide scope of equipment sizes in the Lightnin Mixer, Netzsch Mills & Pump and Johnson Pump ranges the correct size of equipment can be selected for the process without the requirements for oversizing units to meet the process duties.