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Johnson Pumps

Combi Prime

The Johnson pump range covers a wide variety of pump types, flow and pressure ranges and process applications from industrial to sanitary.  European manufacturing facilities located are in Sweden, Holland, Belgium and Poland, from where, supply of new equipment and spare parts are distributed through the SPX Johnson channel partners.  


The current pump ranges have been developed over the years from traditional brands such as Stork Pumps to the current ranges of centrifugal (CombiNorm, CombiChem, CombiChem etc), Lobe (Top Lobe) and Gear pumps (Top Gear).  Many more pump types including APi 610 pumps designs, units designed compatable to all Atex Zonings are all within the Johnson Pump range of supply.

 TopLobe open point left Y

For best pump selection for your pumping requirements contact us at Glazik.  We will arrange a site visit if required to review the application, or,  simply select the pump type and size based on your specification.  All pumps supplied will be covered under a 12 month warranty from supply or installation.  Full commissioning and routine or emergency service will be supplied locally by Glazik service personnel.










Pump Types


CombiNorm, Combibloc, CombiChem, CombiDirt, FreFlow (Self Priming) 


Positive Displacement: 

Top Lobe,  Top Wing and Top Gear


API Pumps: 






Centrifugal:  Water Like,  Flows up to 1500m3/hr, Pressures up to 10 bar, Temperature up to 200oC 


 Rotary Lobe:   Hygenic & Sanitary/Aseptic Applications, Viscosity up to 80,0000cpsi, Flows up to 156m3/hr, Pressures up to 15 bar, Temperature up to 150oC


 Gear:  Viscosity up to 80,000cps, Flows up to 250m3/hr, Pressures 16 bar, Temperatures up to 300oC    






Here you can locate Product Brochures, Operations & Maintenance Manuals, Pump Curves and Drawings.  


If its not here please contact us and we will locate it for you. 


 Overview of Range: Johnson Pump Brochure