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Bulk Solids Handling

Solids and powders as additive to any process can be expensive, difficult and dangerous to handle.  For health and safety reasons it is always best if operators have litte or no contact with the raw material.Big bag emptier


If expensive, it is appropriate to avoid any wastage or spillage and ensure accurate metering so as to optimise the use rates.  Raw material can be delivered to sites in small 25kg bags, 1 ton bags or possible delivered by road tanker.


Whatever delivery size or method our solids handling systems are designed to provide safe reception/skid engagement for the bagged solids,  From the reception manifold the solid or powder can then be transported safely and accurately into the process without personnel or environmental exposure.

Powder/Solids Handling  Systems will comprise of the following components:


Storage hopper or Silo, Feeeding Screw, Level Detectors,  Pneumatic or Dynamic Arch Breaker, Pneumatic or Dynamic Transfer System, Shut off Valves and Control Systems with Configured Software and easy to use Operator Touch Screen interfaces.


Other systems will be designed to meet customer specifications and may include pumps, tanks and agitators all preassembled, wired, piped and valved.