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Flexible Impeller (F.I.P) Pumps

 fip impeller

Simple designed yet robust the flexible impeller pump allows for a constant smooth pumping of liquids and solids carrying liquids. The relatively large cavity and the flexibility of the impeller allows for a gentle transition of product from suction side to pumping side.



The FIP pumps are used in wide ranges of applications from food industry to water and waste application.  Soft solids particles maintain their integrity without shear destruction enabling uninterupted processing down stream of the pump. 


Construction and surface finishes enable cleaning by Cleaning In Place or strip down methods.  In selecting the correct pump for the application particular consideration will be given to impeller material.  The selected impellers will be suitability for the pH and tempertures experienced during routine scheduled cleaning practises.


Flexible impeller pumps can self prime from 5 meters, will operate up to flows of 30m3/hr, pressures of 4 bar and operational temperatures at 55oC. FIP exploded


Glazik will welcome your enquiries and provide quick turnaround on quotation and pump delivery.



Flexible Impeller Brochure